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Multiple Payment Modes

Maximum conversions

Minimum abandoned carts

Ease of checkout

Wider demographic appeal

Enhanced brand perception

Power - Packed Dashboard

Real-time data access

Insights to inform business decisions

Dynamic and customizable

Maximizes revenue through informed decision-making

Industry Security Compliance

Secure financial transactions

Most secure payment gateway in India

High security certifications

Anti-fraud measures.

No Tension- Free Onboarding

Simple and efficient onboarding process

Minimal documentation required

Quick e-KYC process

Start receiving payments immediately

Multiple Payment Modes

PayZrr’s online payment gateway provides multiple payment methods, offering your customers the best in terms of maximum conversions, minimum abandoned carts, ease of checkout, wider demographic appeal and enhanced brand perception. PayZrr is one of the best payment gateways for businesses, and our multiple payment modes will surely enhance your customer’s payment journey and ensure overall revenue growth.

  • Maximum Conversions
  • Minimum Abandoned Carts
  • Enhanced Brand Perception
  • Ease Of Checkout
  • Wider Demographic Appeal

Power - Packed Dashboard Empowering Business Decisions

We recognise that information is power and when it comes to payments, data and analytics are among the most critical factors. Essentially, what you measure you treasure! With PayZrr’s dynamic and customizable dashboard, you can access real-time data and get insights to make educated business decisions to maximise revenue.

  • Real-Time Data Access
  • Insights To Inform Business Decisions
  • Dynamic And Customizable
  • Maximizes Revenue Through Informed
  • Decision-Making

Best Industry Standard Security Compliance

Prevention is better than cure. At PayZrr we understand that the safety and security of your transactions are critical to your business and of utmost importance in our relationship. To eliminate fraud and ensure the safety and security of your financial transactions, PayZrr offers you the most securepayment gateway in India, with the highest level of industry-compliant security certifications.

  • Secure Financial Transactions
  • Most Secure Payment Gateway In India
  • High Security Certifications
  • Anti-Fraud Measures.

Tension Free and Zero Stress Onboarding

What eases you, pleases you. With that in mind, we have designed our onboarding process to be smooth, swift and simple.​Our minimalistic approach to documentation and e-KYC process enables you to complete your onboarding by just submitting key business details, and you are ready to receive payments right away!

  • Simple And Efficient Onboarding Process
  • Minimal Documentation Required
  • Quick E-KYC Process
  • Start Receiving Payments Immediately

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Payment Gateway?

A: A payment gateway is a mechanism that reads and transfers payment information from a customer's bank account to a merchant's bank account. Its job is to collect data, ensure funds are available, and pay a merchant. A payment gateway is a piece of cloud-based software. In simpler term it is a network that allows your customers to send money to businesses.

Why should I choose PayZrr’s Payment Gateway?

A: PayZrr is the leading payment gateway provider in India. We empower multiple businesses to accept and send money. PayZrr aims to create, strengthen, sustain and develop digital payment services in India.

Through a single processing platform, you can accept online payments from all channels with PayZrr. You can accept payments through any website, mobile app, tablet, or social app. PayZrr provides the most comprehensive set of solutions, including API banking platform Payouts, which enables businesses to send money instantly 24 hours a day, seven days a week to any bank account, UPI ID, card, or wallet via a simple API that businesses can integrate with their product, rather than uploading complicated files on corporate banking portal.

What are the benefits of PayZrr’s Payment Gateway?

A: The benefits of using PayZrr’s Payment Gateway are:-

- 100+ Payment Modes

-Quick settlements.

-100% Secure transactions

- Provides faster payment processing

-Automated Reconciliation

-Robust Risk and Fraud Management

How can I start using PayZrr?

A: We provide 100% paperless onboarding for PayZrr's merchants. Follow the steps in the SignUp process to quickly activate your account and begin using PayZrr.

What Payment modes are available with PayZrr?

A: PayZrr accepts 100+ Payment methods, including Credit and Debit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Rupay, AMEX), Net Banking from the top 50+ banks, UPI, Online Wallets, EMIs (Credit/Debit Cards & Cardless), PayLater, and NEFT/RTGS payments

What Platforms are Supported by the PayZrr’s Payment Gateway?

A: PayZrr enables you to accept online payments from customers on desktop, mobile web, Android, and iOS devices. Furthermore, by using PayZrr’s Payment Links, businesses enterprises can collect payments via SMS, Email, Whatsapp, Chatbots, and Messenger.

How Secure is PayZrr’s Payment Gateway?

A: PayZrr utilizes the highest assurance SSL certificate. We are PCI DSS and ISO:27001 compliant company. The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council is in charge of enforcing the PCI Standard, which is mandated by card brands. The standard was developed to tighten controls around cardholder data in order to reduce credit card fraud.

When will the merchant receive settlement money in his bank account?

A: PayZrr will settle Debit Card, Credit Card ,UPI Transactions and Net Banking transactions on “T+1 Working Day” or as per agreement with the merchants at the time of onboarding.

Can I Get custom made pricing for my business?

A: Yes, you can contact our team to discuss your business needs and receive custom made pricing based on the nature of your company and the volume of transactions. For more details, contact us

Is PayZrr Safe?

A: PayZrr is absolutely safe. We securely communicate data to the appropriate banks for payment processing using a 128 bit encryption. We also adhere to PCI-DSS standards. To secure cardholder data, PCI DSS establishes a baseline of technical and operational criteria. The payment processing is being done by one of the most trusted and leading banks of the country.

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