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PayZrr Payouts Boost your Business Payments

Pay vendors, repay customers, disburse loans, or make any bulk payments 24 hours a day, including on bank holidays. Experience round-the-clock best payout services in India with PayZrr.
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Available 24*7 & 365 Days

Instant Payments - Single or Bulk Payouts

Available even on weekends & bank holidays

Round the clock Wallet, NEFT, IMPS & UPI Transfers

Multiple Payout Options

Bank accounts



All card types

Easy Reconciliation

Transaction records in a single console

Real-time updates on the fly

Notifications for ongoing payments

Red flags for overdue payments

Secure way to avoid payment overdues

Additional Benefits

Instant verification of account details

Schedule and automate payments

Instant beneficiary addition

Proactive reports for ease of reconciliation

Available 24*7 & 365 Days

PayZrr’s online payment gateway provides multiple payment methods, offering your customers the best in terms of maximum conversions, minimum abandoned carts, ease of checkout, wider demographic appeal and enhanced brand perception. PayZrr is one of the best payment gateways for businesses, and our multiple payment modes will surely enhance your customer’s payment journey and ensure overall revenue growth.

  • Instant Payments – Single Or Bulk Payouts
  • Round The Clock Wallet, NEFT, IMPS & UPI Transfers
  • Available Even On Weekends & Bank Holidays

Multiple Payout Options

We recognise that information is power and when it comes to payments, data and analytics are among the most critical factors. Essentially, what you measure you treasure! With PayZrr’s dynamic and customizable dashboard, you can access real-time data and get insights to make educated business decisions to maximise revenue.Transfer money to:

  • Bank Accounts
  • UPI ID
  • Wallets
  • All Card Types

Easy Reconciliation

Prevention is better than cure. At PayZrr we understand that the safety and security of your transactions are critical to your business and of utmost importance in our relationship. To eliminate fraud and ensure the safety and security of your financial transactions, PayZrr offers you the most secure payment gateway in India, with the highest level of industry-compliant security certifications.

  • Transaction Records In A Single Console
  • Real-Time Updates On The Fly
  • Secure Way To Avoid Payment Overdues
  • Notifications For Ongoing Payments
  • Red Flags For Overdue Payments

Additional Benefits

What eases you, pleases you. With that in mind, we have designed our onboarding process to be smooth, swift and simple.​Our minimalistic approach to documentation and e-KYC process enables you to complete your onboarding by just submitting key business details, and you are ready to receive payments right away!

  • Instant Verification Of Account Details
  • Schedule And Automate Payments
  • Instant Beneficiary Addition
  • Proactive Reports For Ease Of Reconciliation

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Notifications keep you informed of all updates. Customize them to receive as many, or as few, as you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PayZrr’s Payout?

A: PayZrr Provides Service for businesses to make instant payments to vendors, employees, or customers. Payouts by PayZrr is a payment disbursal platform that businesses use to perform bulk payouts. Businesses can transfer money from their bank accounts to the wallet and use it to make payments. Merchant’s Payout dashboard can be used to perform single or bulk payout via excel upload, or you can integrate Payout APIs with your product.

Where can PayZrr’s Payouts be used?

A: PayZrr's Payouts can be used for a variety of business purposes like:-

- Hyperlocal services use it for on-demand wage payouts.

- E-commerce platforms use Payout's APIs for instant refunds processing.

- Loan providers use it for instant loan disbursals.

- Gaming websites use Payouts for real-time player's winning cashouts.

- Delivery services Company use PayZrr’s Payouts to pay wages/ incentives to their delivery partners on time.

- Businesses use Frenopay’s Payouts to easily send and reconcile vendor payments

Can Merchant send money on Sundays and holidays by using PayZrr’s Payouts?

A: Yes, payments can be made even on Sundays and bank holidays.

Does PayZrr's Payouts supports all bank Accounts?

A: Yes, payments can be made to any active savings or current bank account in India.

What are the Features of PayZrr’s Payouts?

A: Features of PayZrr’s payouts are:-

- Payouts to customers instantly. Auto-reconciliation for failed transfers

- Works 24x7, even on bank holidays. Add and validate accounts real time.

- Pay to customers bank account, debit card, UPI VPA or Paytm account.

- Track, automate, and accelerate money movements to make more informed business decisions.

- Upload any number of contacts at once without having to deal with complicated file formats.

- Payout disbursements, and refunds can be made at any time of day, instantly, using UPI, IMPS, RTGS, and NEFT.

:Does PayZrr's Payouts supports all bank Accounts?

A: Yes, payments can be made to any active savings or current bank account in India.

How much time does it take to transfer funds with PayZrr’s Payouts?

A: Transfers to bank accounts are instantaneous.

Why businesses prefer Payouts over RTGS and NEFT?

A: Businesses prefer payouts over RTGS & NEFT due to the various reasons like

-Can Add multiple number of beneficiary accounts

-Can Do Payout to many accounts with one file upload

-Can Track each account separately with PayZrr’s dashboard

-Can Use PayZrr’s dashboard to manage payments - Can Integrate with our simple APIs

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